Construction Update, Halo Apartments

26th July 2018

Construction on Halo, our Manchester city residential development in Ancoats, is progressing well with the crane now dismantled as we have reached the top floor and roofing is all in place.
Halo Roof pv panels
Solar panels have been installed on the roof to cut our carbon footprint, as a responsible property developer to generate a green, renewable source of energy along with the added benefit of reducing electricity bills for owners and tenants.
solar panels Halo roof

However, as a result of an independent review of building and fire safety regulations across the UK in response to the fatal Grenfell Tower blaze, we have been required to upgrade and install new fire prevention precautions at Halo.

The required works included removing all the ceilings and fire guarding all the service ducting. All windows had to removed and upgraded fire resistant window board surrounds installed.
Ceilings removed Upgraded fire proofing window fire boarding Halo internal works
A lot of hard word and overtime by the team on site now means 90% of the windows have now been reinstalled with the required boarding surrounds and 80% of the zinc cladding is now in place.
internal boarding brickwork now complete external brickwork external facade

The first electrical fix is now complete along with 100% of the brickwork. The fittings are in place ready for the installation of the glass balconies.

glass balcony fiitings external balcony fittings

This extra fire prevention work has resulted in a slight delay to the scheduled completion and we now are looking at an expected delivery mid November.

We thank owners for their patience but are sure they will appreciate the necessity and that a slight delay is a small price to pay for the longer term security for their property and above all the safety of the occupants.