Invest in Trinity Court

Only 5 more chances to invest in Trinity Court, Bolton!

82 homes. 77 already sold. Just 5 remaining. Invest in Trinity Court now, before it’s too late.

“I think we always expected Trinity Court to have huge investor appeal,” explains Forshaw Land & Property Group founder Lyndon Forshaw, “because there aren’t many investment opportunities that offer the sort of rewards and flexibility that this development does. It’s the combination of the two that has made Trinity Court so popular.”

As with so much of Forshaw Land & Property Group’s work, the Trinity Court development takes a beautiful but unloved piece of history and transforms it into modern living spaces that retain the best of the old building’s character and power.

The result is a sought-after block of 42 studio flats complemented by an additional two-storey block of apartments. Together the 82 dwellings create the ideal living space for young professionals working in Bolton or Manchester and a prime location for student living.

“It’s the dual role of Trinity Court that makes it such an attractive investment,” continues Lyndon. “Let it as a student accommodation. Let it to professionals working in Bolton or Manchester. Sell it as student accommodation, or sell as traditional buy to let. It means that whether your goal is a generous annual yield well ahead of UK averages or strong capital growth, you maximise opportunities to achieve both.”

A 9% NET yield is assured for the first 2 years, and prices start from just £53,590. You can find out more about the development here, and invest in one of the final 5 properties by contacting us.